Web3 Job Scams

Scammers are everywhere in crypto. And job posts are a perfect opportunity for them to try to steal your assets from your wallet.

We review every job posted on Web3 Army and several times we removed fake job posts from the platform.

The good news is that, for now, it’s not that common. But it happens.

And since we can’t guarantee the legitimacy of every job post, here’s a quick guide on how to spot a scam:

(If you think that a job post is suspect, report it to us by sending an email at info@web3army.co, thanks!)

Examples of scams in Web3 and remote jobs:

“Connect your wallet”

At some point in the interview, you are required to connect your wallet and sign something with it.

The transaction takes everything you have in your wallet.

Pretty simple and linear.

Lesson: never use your main wallet. Always use an empty one if you're not sure.

“Buy the equipment, and we will refund you.”

This is common among remote jobs in general.

They tell you that you have a $5,000 budget to buy the equipment (computer, desk, chair, etc.).

But you have to buy it from a specific online shop because they have a deal/special discounts with them.

After the purchase, you show them the receipt and they refund you whatever you’ve spent.

Surprise: the shop is fake, and so is the company.

Money gone.

"Here's the offer letter"

You’ve passed all the rounds of interviews.

The company is ready to hire you.

They send you the offer letter.

The pdf file contains malware that steals your keys.

Apparently, this is exactly what happened to Axie Infinity early this year, for example:


Be careful out there.