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Snoobs is ready to go: we have defined the user experience we would like to propose through our dynamic NFTs, we have created our smart contracts and launched our website and social media pages. We have artistic, product-development and tech competencies, and now we are looking for someone who can help us in creating traction and building a solid community. We are very inclusive and welcoming, we want Snoobs to be an amazing and funny experience not only for the users but for the team too! So, if you are into the project we would define together a period in which know each other and understand if there is harmony between us :D This is a proposal to take part in the team or collaborate with it. Depending on how our relationship will grow we will offer you tokens and/or equities. We will define it together, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us

Fully Remote (USA, Canada, Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Latin America)

Remote work: The team behind the project is, so far, Italian. However, we are English fluent and open to collaborating with whoever is in line with the project needs and on the same page with us. Web3 is about decentralization, so it would be no sense to set any geographical boundaries! Of course, the only requirement is to be a bit flexible about the meetings, taking in mind the time zone of the rest of the team.

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