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The Valory Mission Valory is bringing autonomy to web3. Why For the first time, our unique software stack enables autonomous, decentralized apps that are robust, transparent and run continuously, using complex logic to decide & take their own actions. By freeing up human attention, thanks to machine autonomy, we can increase human autonomy. In the context of web3, our stack complements existing on-chain smart contract protocols by providing their off-chain equivalent. Why? Smart contracts are limited – they can’t do things which are: arbitrarily complex, involve talking to the off-chain world, or involve long-running processes. Applications built on our stack can run autonomously, running complex logic that smart contracts can't run, whilst being are more robust, decentralized & transparent than their centralized counterparts. We believe our stack will enable unprecedented applications that can go wherever crypto goes. What We're building: our novel stack for building autonomous, decentralized apps the first apps, to demonstrate the novel, composable apps you can build with our stack a protocol to secure it all on-chain working with DAOs & teaching Python developers to build with us, securing & autonomizing their off-chain ops We also innovate on open-source compensation models. Since our stack enables the composition of software, developers can earn a living by contributing components that can find usage in multiple applications built on our stack. Who We are a team of world-class experts across multiple fields (inc. software engineering, research, and product), looking for a talented individual to help us advance a new frontier in crypto/blockchain services (and autonomous applications more broadly) using agent-based systems. We’re well-funded, rapidly exiting stealth mode & keen to build a great community of developers to turbocharge our trajectory. The Role You’re an ambitious, curious person who wants to make an impact. You have 2+ years’ leadership experience in engineering and enjoy growing the capacity of capable teams. You’re excited at the chance to contribute to the heart of our exciting new network. Key outcomes & duties The Engineering team is highly productive, maximizing efficiency and keeping pace with demand from the market The position is initially split 50:50 between team management and code contributions, going towards 100 management and reviews over 2 years Engineers on the team are empowered to own their areas of work and find optimal solutions to scale and grow our software stack There are strong feedback loops and collaboration between engineering, product and growth Engineering resources are being deployed to the highest priority projects and our capacity and resource planning is dependable You drive engineering strategy and its roadmap, managing resources and the team budget You identify gaps in the team and hire great people to fill them You make difficult conversations easy, nurturing a sense of trust and collaboration in the Engineering team You build a holistic understanding of our problem space and communicate it to the team To familiarize yourself with the codebase and team, you will be expected to contribute to our codebase from the start Requirements Very comfortable with remote working 2+ years’ leadership experience in engineering & managing a team, preferably in a remote context Some formal background in Computer Science Experience with building maintainable and documented codebases, including open-source software development tools like Github Evidence of strategic thinking and management of resources Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including written and verbal English - we do not accept applications without a tailored note. Languages: Python, JavaScript and at least one systems language (Rust or Go preferred) Bonus: experience in a fast-growing startup and production environment Bonus: familiarity with web3/blockchain Strong preference for time zone between Western Europe and India (UTC -2 to +6) Equal opportunity We are an equal opportunity workplace. We want folks who add diversity on as many axes as possible to bring their expertise, encouraging applicants from all backgrounds to apply, and are committed to promoting equality of opportunity. We prohibit discrimination or harassment based on protected characteristics (including gender, race, ethnicity, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or marital status). We also respect the wishes of individuals to protect their anonymity online and encourage individuals who operate under pseudonyms to apply. The Opportunity Generous salary ($120k - $200k) and equity compensation, accounting for benefits Remote (Valory is a fully distributed team from day one) Be a part of a unique and novel project which will push web3 forward and be harnessed in whichever domain crypto goes – finance, media, data, identity. You will work on a unique software stack and product with a team of world-class software engineers, researchers, and product experts across multiple fields (multi-agent systems, cryptography, and economics). You will collaborate with teams across DeFi and our community of agent developers. You will redefine how developers build off-chain services in DeFi and long into web3’s future. Please note we can only offer visa sponsorship to Switzerland, where Valory AG is based. The network: Autonolas | The company: Valory

Salary range

Annual salary: $120k-200k

Fully Remote

Remote work: We're fully distributed with a strong preference for UTC-2 to +6 (approx. Western Europe to Eastern India)

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