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The Technical Lead will be leading and owning the development of the Loominate platform. The Technical Lead will work closely with our external software development partners to bring to life our product roadmap while at the same time building the product vision with the founding team. This is an exciting role for an experienced but experimental software engineer who wants to build a product and business that he/she could truly be proud of. The candidate should have the experience and skill sets to perform the following responsibilities: 1. Oversee all aspects of the engineering organisation, including technical strategy, technology blueprint, hiring and retaining talent and best practises & technology stacks. 2. Manage the end to end technology execution In the initial months, the Technical Lead will be taking over the development of our MVP from an external software development house we’ve partnered with. 3. Design the technical and product strategy and roadmap for Loominate 4. Provide hands-on technical leadership to the team Ensure consistent best practises, processes, and procedures for software development, quality assurance, and maintenance 5. Work closely with the founding team to identify risks, opportunities, strategies and new ways of bringing to live the product roadmap 6. Work closely with the founding team to develop the product roadmap, both the Loominate platform and the launch of cryptocurrency, $GOOD Token. 7. Take charge of platform development, owning the engineering budget and making key decisions on technical architecture. 8. Be a proponent of data tracking and evidence-based approach to product innovation and iteration. Experience with Mixpanel, Amplitude, Google Analytics and other similar data tracking platforms is a plus. 9. Iterate on the MVP (prototype), enabling us to start serving our early customers 10. Integrating e-commerce, payment gateway and blockchain applications into the Loominate Platform 11. Partner with multifunctional internal and external technology teams to integrate solutions 12. Help, recruit, coach and mentor more junior resources ( including product managers, software developers and UX/UI members) by providing encouragement and constructive feedback and advice Build the engineering function by hiring the right people (internal and external) and embedding a great working culture The right candidate will progress rapidly and be given the opportunity to join the founding team as a technical co-founder with equity and token allocation in addition to a salary package. Technology Experience - At least 3-5 years of full time work experience, with at least 2 years of experience in the following tech stacks: - Frontend - Javascript (REACT), HTML5, CSS, Typescript - Backend - Node.JS, - AWS Multi-tenanted backend architecture development Ethereum , Solidity, GoLang, -Experience with smart contracts on any blockchain protocol -Some experience and understanding ofi popular consensus algorithms such as Proof of Work, Proof of stake, and Delegated proof of stake algorithm. - Experience or side passion in any blockchain technology is a huge plus - Ability to learn new languages and technologies quickly is a must as we’re building an ecosystem in Web 3 environment, so candidate’s versatility and internal motivation to pick up new technologies is critical for the growth of the company Qualities in the candidate we’re looking for -Possesses a great sense of humour -Possesses a strong work ethic, integrity and sense of accountability -Possesses a communicative and open personality that thrives on collaboration and genuine rapport with colleagues -Possesses a growth mindset and an innate motivation to achieve excellence -Hacker mentality to break new grounds and experiment with new technologies -A strong sense of ownership and urgency when delivering on key product milestones Benefits -A seat at the table with the founding team -Freedom and control over product development and team building -ESOPs in addition to a fair market value monthly salary -We adopt a regular and progressive upward review of compensation package with each new successful funding round and the achievement of company milestones -Unlimited number of paid annual leaves policy where employee is able to take any number of annual leaves as long as the work is delivered -$GOOD token allocation from Employee Pool -An open, free and inclusive work culture -Be a part of a mission-driven middleware Web 3.0 startup Interview Process -First round of interview with Founding Team -Technical interview with our Technology Advisor -Technical Task Presentation -Final round with Founding Team

Salary range

Annual salary: $30k-54k
Equity: 0.5%-4%
Tokens (as % of the total current supply): 0.05%-0.1%

Fully Remote

Remote work: The founding team is currently based in Singapore UTC +8, but we potentially might move to Mexico in a couple of months, so we're keen for the candidates to be based anywhere in the world as long as she/he is willing to work around the timezone gaps.

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